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Main products:
Children's blankets, bedsheets, cloaks, cloaks, bathrobes, swaddles, scarves, sleeping bags, muzzles, handkerchiefs, urine mats, quilts, bed hats, pillows
Softly product catalog:
Short wool lamb blanket 102*76, 100*140, short wool embroidery blanket, short wool embroidery fringe blanket, short wool cartoon blanket, short wool mirror frame blanket, short wool triangular embroidery
Coral velvet baby blanket Coral velvet baby blanket Coral velvet baby blanket Coral velvet baby blanket Coral velvet embroidered blanket Coral velvet beach blanket Coral velvet Double Blanket Coral velvet printing
[Falai velvet blanket] Stamp blanket 102 * 76cm, Stamp blanket 100 * 140 cm, Stamp blanket 180 * 200, Printed blanket, Stereo Stamp blanket, Gift Box blanket 102 * 76
102*764 PVC, 76*764 PVC, 76*764 ribbon, 100*1501, 120*761, 76*762
Crystal velvet blanket, cotton khaki blanket, waffle blanket, cotton velvet blanket, loop blanket, foam blanket, Rose Velvet blanket, towel blanket
Cloak, cloak, fleece, cloak, and cloak.
[infantry] short plush double decker, flock fleece, flock embroidered flower.
Sleeping bag] short plush split sleeping bag, short plush zipper sleeping bag, crystal velvet sleeping bag.
[pure cotton gauze] 102*76 gauze towel, 120*106 single pack.

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